Q. How do I join Bantu Hikers?

A. You can join Bantu Hikers by attending any of our hikes which are advertised on our facebook, twitter and Instagram pages. Additionally, you can register to the group on the following link: Application Form

Q. Is there a joining fee?

A. Yes. R500 for the year. This includes a branded t-shirt and buff.

Q. Can I join the hikes even though I am not a member?

A. Yes. Membership comes with it’s perks but you are not excluded from hiking with Bantu Hikers if you are not a registered member.

Q. How often are the hikes?

A. At least once a month.

Q. How can I find out about the next hike?

A. Hikes and any other Bantu Hikers events will be advertised on all our social media platforms and if you are a registered member, you will get email notifications.

Q. Do I need to be physically fit to join?

A. No. If you can walk, you can hike. Most of our hikes are ideal for people of different fitness levels. The adverts will indicate the intensity of the hike.