#NayiLeWalk along Ukhetshe

Tygerberg Nature Reserve was the location and occupying spaces while having a great time and connecting was the mission. All achieved on April 6th 2019. After the introductions with our professionals and picture taking was done, “LeWalk”  commenced in earnest.


Tygerberg Nature Reserve has become our second home and it is no secret why this is so. The panoramic views are amazing giving you a window of the different parts of Cape Town, Table Mountain, Robben Island and Bloubergstrand, the rolling Durbanville hills, northern suburbs of Bellville, and in the distance the Hottentot Holland mountains. There are numerous trails to explore criss-crossing the nature reserve for hikers, runners and cyclists. Our favourite trail is Ukhetshe, It is one of the longer trails which romantically meanders along the hill only to surprise you with humbling ascents towards the end.

The tough bits of the trail were broken by some heart wrenching moments when rustling sounds in the bushes turned out to be the paparazzi team and not a snake and the comic relief was plenty as they peered out of no where for a “snap in the act” to capture the true essence of the hike that day.


Bantu Hikers were later joined by the Ukhanyo Foundation on the trail, due to some logistical issues we could not start together. Nonetheless, the youthful spirits could not be tamed by challenges, even though they had started later, they were insisting on completing the trail in song and dance. Their energy was infectious!

We met more of our members on the trail who missed the start but carried on anyway. It was great to see that they were determined to take the path even if it meant doing it alone. That is what occupying spaces is about. Having the courage to do it alone if need be. We may not have all started together but we finished together.

See you soon Fam,

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