Kloof Khona

A threatening cloud over Table Mountain on Saturday morning of March 9th cleared just in time for the scenic hike. The trail is short but tough, demanding a lunge session that would put any cross-fit programme to shame.

The hike began with  introductions and welcome to new hikers followed by picture taking to share with those missing out on the fun. The fun and games quickly turned into cardio as the winding path to the top revealed more of the beautiful city from the Atlantic Seaboard to False Bay.

One could not miss evidence of the fire that swept through Lions Head earlier in the year. The image was rather symbolic, as intense as the fire was, its presence holds a promise of new life in the rainy season. Fire in this fynbos dominated region is expected during the summer months, in fact it is a part of the system regenerating and springing new life, it is adapted. This is likened to some of the reflections shared by our students whom are currently in university. They managed to survive their first and second year navigating through unfamiliar spaces and steering away from distractions to achieve their goals. The common experience of university is that it is tough but enjoyable and given the experiences from the previous years,  they are confident about their prospects and future.


Our professionals also shared their advice reminding us all that there is a time for everything, to pursue post graduate studies to have the edge in the professional world and to remain an individual even when embracing the collective.

With the endorphins rushing through our bodies, dancing sessions ensued at the top (qgom) and at the bottom (salsa) once the trail was conquered. This was our time to reflect, have fun and celebrate. It’s  OUR time to OCCUPY SPACES!



Note: Short but steep trail.

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