The sun is already making her presence felt even before she’s reached her summit for the day, on this beautiful Saturday.  The energy is high as the January 26th hike is not only the first hike of the year but it’s the birthday hike for both our co-founding partners, Mpho (24th) and Khanya (30th), so celebrations are in the air.

The sandy beach trail is tucked away in Llanduno and proves a little tricky to find for some. However shortly after 8:30am the BantuHikers 2019 mission to #occupyspaces squad takes the first step-of cause not before the traditional group moment is captured.

The atmosphere is filled with a buzz of sharing of festive season breaks, vacations and staycations as the group of professionals snake through the thick shrubs before the trail spits them out onto the secluded, quaint, seemingly lifeless beach. As most memorable experiences in life, the group diverts from the trail for a while, but soon navigate themselves back on course.  The image of the shipwreck is nothing if not picturesque and perfect with the sky feeling glorious in its bight blue tones and shades. The flat rocks at the foot of a rock cliff provide the perfect picnic spot, as the curious natured set off on their quest to discover some treasures – well at least they hope.

As the explorers retrace their steps, making their way back to the beach, it’s a mixture of youthful anxiety of what visions await at the beach, now that the world is up. (giggles and covers eyes). The freezing waves offer great relief as, some plant themselves on the beach for a morning of swims and new experiences.

Never a dull moment when BantuHikers sets off to #occupyspaces. And we wish you a year filled with great memories of #occupyingspaces.


Always remember #itstartswithonestep

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