Newlands and New Spaces


Blessed with a relatively warm morning on the 28th of July, Bantu Hikers set to occupy Newlands Forest. On this hike the family was complete with the Bantu Hikers students (2017 and 2018 cohorts) and professionals. Even though Bantu Hikers has a monthly hike scheduled, there are only several hikes of this kind  in a year due to the academic schedules of our students.



These hikes are a platform for professionals to share their experiences and lessons on the world of work. The diversity of professionals is incredible making this a unique platform and experience that students would not ordinarily be exposed to. They are also an important platform for the two student cohorts to learn from each other, university students impart knowledge to the matriculants sharing with them what to expect and give tips and tricks on how to survive first year.

One of the students shared that being a part of BH has made his first year experience relatively easy because he has formed a bond while hiking with one of the students from the previous cohort who took him under his wing and made him a part of a network of hardworking students within his field of study at Stellenbosch. The other students also admitted that the first couple of months were difficult and that making it in university required different strategies of studying and keeping the right company of friends was key.

This hike was made particularly special because Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng, the newly appointed UCT Vice Chancellor, joined us and the students could engage with her. Prof is known to be approachable and engages young people offering to assist where she can and reminding us that even those who carry positions of great responsibility need to engage with different people, young and old and from different backgrounds.


We are grateful to our professionals for always coming to the hikes, supporting the cause, bringing new friends and helping to grow the BH family. We are grateful to our students for stepping up, for being architects of their own futures and being the beacons that their communities can be proud of.

Woman’s month is coming soon and what other better way of celebrating it than hiking up the iconic Table Mountain? This hike is tough but rewarding. Take your seat at the table and come join us.


Next Hike: Table Mountain 25 August 2018

Notes: Newlands Forest is a popular outdoor destination for hiking, jogging, cycling and walking dogs. When hiking in groups its best to keep left if you are on the cycling trail or keep to the narrow paths for walking and hiking only.

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