Wakanda Forest Occupied

Wakanda Forest aka Cecilia Forest was our playground on a chilly autumn Saturday morning on the 14th of April. Bantu Hikers and the 2017 and 2018 student cohorts converged at Constantia Nek, ready to traverse a familiar trail boasting spectacular views of the leafy southern suburbs, stretching the eye all the way to False Bay.

A gradual walk quickly turns into a cross-fit session, demanding that we lunge up a steep series of stairs lead by a sign directing us to Cecilia Ravine. As tempting as it may be to take a detour which looks gentle in comparison, experience has taught us well and we persist to take the marked route to our destination.


During the hike students took the opportunity to ask  the professionals questions that would aid them in their assignment. This was yet another testament to the beauty of the platform, it creates access to professionals in a myriad of sectors who can communicate concepts in a way you can understand better than when you do a internet search.

Once the triumph of the trail set in and the euphoria continued to flow among us professionals shared lessons with the students on confidence and making your mark where ever you are in the world.


Bantu hikers is a platform where we build each other, we share stories, pick up conversation and issues that affect us in the different spheres of life. We open doors for each other into a world of new ideas and ways of being. We have wealth within. And like the vibranium wealth of Wakanda, we boast a wealth of people rich in experience, diverse in nature and grounded in who we are.

We are grateful for our growing family as it stretches beyond the South African boundary.

Next hike, we occupy the northern suburbs. Paarl’s Rock, Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

Note: There aren’t any ablution facilities so make sure you have gone before attempting the trail or prepare to become one with nature *wink*

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