Roar: 20Greateen

The sunrise paints the morning skies with shades of burnt sienna and orange pinks, with clouds shyly flirting with Table Mountain, a fresh smell of hope fills the air as we welcome our fourth cohort (class of 2018). Though some Bantu Hikers had voiced their concerns regarding the wet weather predicted, it did not deter them from stepping out and showing up to #occupyspaces as we set out to ascend one of our iconic trail up Lion’s Head.

The occasion brought together past cohorts as well as old and new faces, to initiate the class of 2018. A vibrant and confident bunch, eager to take on their first step as Bantu Hikers. As tradition will have it, the group huddled at the foot of Lion’s head to capture the moment- and only after several attempts with two different photographers was the group satisfied.


Moving as a unit Bantu Hikers began the ascent with the fresh legged soon gaining momentum and setting the pace and stopping to catch a glimpse of those trailing behind, consumed by the views and indulging in conversation.  Team work was the order of the day as one and all negotiated challenges (physical and mental) while in pursuit of reaching the summit.

The saying goes, a people that eat together is a people that stick together (a Bantu Hikers original). On the 24th of February, a skills workshop for the 2018 cohort will be held at Stellenbosch. This is an opportunity to also empower one another, share vital information learn together.



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