Sandy Bae Shipwreck Hike

A summer beach picnic hike followed by a chilly dip in the Atlantic after a good work-out on the mountain was the perfect way to start the Bantu Hikers calendar. Thirty four hikers set off for a hike to one of the many shipwrecks dotted along the west coast. An early start meant beating the sun before it reached a sizzling temperature of 31 degrees forecast for the day.


The hike began with introductions, a brief on the trail and the plan for the rest of the morning. Excited and full of anticipation we set off through the bushy trail leading us to the open expanse of the infamous nude beach. With the beach all to ourselves, selfies sessions and photo shoots peppered along the beach suspended the hike briefly.


An hour of trekking through the bush and exposed patches of ground littered by remnants of  the last summer fires, over rocks and gravel, passed a granite cave, we finally reached our destination, the site of the shipwrecks.


While some resumed to take photo shoots and selfies, others took opportunities to sunbathe on the rocks, catch up on conversations and plan our next out of province hike for September. The Sandy Bay hike was enjoyed by most given the exceptional landscape beauty and the weather, some expressed disappointment at the ease of the hike, expecting a more vigorous and challenging trail like Devil’s Peak.

One of the highlights was the group doing the vosho “a dance move” in unison, well almost in unison, with the backdrop of the Atlantic ocean and the shipwreck.

Back at the beach hikers enjoyed picnics while others bid farewell, eager to meet again at the next hike. Most of the hikers were new to the Bantu Hikers family and we are grateful to make new friends and #occupyspaces with new people at every hike. We hope that we have captured your interest and that we will occupy more spaces with you.

Lion’s Head… we are coming for you.



TRAIL: The trail is unmarked so its best to go with someone who has taken the path before or give yourself ample time to find it. The trial requires you to walk across to the end of the beach where you will find two enormous logs which form the start of the trail. On the left side of the logs (with the Atlantic on your right) you will see openings that will lead you into the bushes and eventually out into an open space, turn right and look for a foot path which should set you along the trail.

HYDRATION: The trail is largely exposed so take plenty of water with you and don’t forget the sunblock.

BEACH: Sandy Bay Beach is a nude beach so don’t stress if you forgot your swim suit!



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