Hello Jabulani!

The 25th of November marked the last hike for the year for many Bantu Hikers, with most professionals heading back home for the festive season, it was fitting to celebrate in the winelands of Stellenbosch. The day began with a hike at Dirtopia, followed by wine tasting at Warwick then concluded at the Root 44 market for some great food.


We were welcomed and made to feel at home by an unexpected canine friend which we named Jabulani (be happy in isiZulu) or Jabu for short. Jabulani met us at the car park during Bantu Hikers (BH) professionals greetings and introductions. He joined in  with incredible enthusiasm and playfulness much to the discomfort of some Bantu Hikers who were uncertain of his intentions. He continued to follow the group to the reception for a quick hike briefing and waited patiently for us while we took the group picture.

Equipped with maps BH set out for the clearly marked trail along the hills, neatly lined by vines of a myriad of grape varieties like Shiraz and Malbec. The views were incredible providing fantastic photo backdrops. Conversations, laughter, a bit of dancing along the way kept the spirits going as the temperature rose and appetites become noticeable. 9.75km later  Bantu Hikers realised that the trail was completed in just over 2 hours compared to the expected 3hrs, compliments to the leadership and pace set by Jabulani. At this point even those with a phobia of dogs had let their guard down and were comfortable of his presence.

Jabulani aka the cheerleader encouraging the stragglers to keep up with the rest of the group walking ahead.

Relieved and feeling accomplished to complete the trail, sadness washed over us with the realisation that we were leaving our new friend Jabulani aka Javas aka JB aka Jabsin, at this point everyone had a name for him.


The second part of our day commenced at Warwick Wine Estate where a selection of excellent wines were tasted. Conversations that began on the hills continued to flow, filling our hearts. Those in the spirit to explore Stellenbosch further headed to Root 44 market for delicious food and more conversation.

The day was wonderful. New friends were made and the movement continues to grow. We are constantly reminded of the wealth within the BH family, its people. Hello Summer, Hello Friends and Hello Family. 2018 Loading….



The Delvera Hiking trail is a easy 9.75km meander and can be completed in 3hrs or 2 hours if lead by Ben aka Jabulani.

The trail meanders around the vineyard and is mostly exposed with patches of forest therefore hats, sunscreen and water are a must.

Fee: R40 includes a cup of coffee after the hike. (Don’t forget your freebie like we did)


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