Heita, Heritage Hike

In celebration of Heritage Day, Bantu Hikers summited one of the iconic “big three” mountains in Cape Town, Devil’s Peak on the 24th of September.


Both the 2016 and 2017 Bantu Hikers Students cohorts were present, one student in traditional gear and another wearing the colours of our flag reminded us of how beautiful and diverse we are, a colourful nation as it were yet still identifiable in our pride of our cultures.

The hike was not easy but everyone can attest that the views are well worth the effort. The students and fitter professionals lead the group to the top. This speaks to the evolving and interchanging roles that are metaphorically taught through the experiences at Bantu Hikers. In the beginning, the students were unfamiliar with hiking as a sport and timidly keeping close together, now, the students have taken it upon themselves to lead the hikes and even find the path themselves without being prompted, taking on the the challenge with confidence. One of the highlights of the hike is when some of the students broke into song and professionals joined in. Even though this particular song is usually sang in sombre settings, it was the act of singing together both young and younger from different walks of life, in celebration of reaching the top after a tough ascent.


Bantu Hikers remains grateful for the support and love it receives. We meet new people at every hike. The diversity in the group is incredible with four to five different languages spoken at any given time. It is not a surprise since many of our professionals come from different parts of the country.

In October, Bantu Hikers will occupy another iconic place, Valley of a Thousand Hills in KwaZulu-Natal. Follow us on this epic hike via social media or better yet join us on the hike.


#OccupyingSpaces #HeritageHike #ProudlySouthAfrican #NatureOurHeritage


Difficulty: Moderate to Tricky (slippery with a good dose of lunge exercises aka leg day)

Devil’s peak is exposed so it is recommended for early mornings, late afternoons or the cooler season like spring.


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