Catching-up along Ukhetshe

The Tygerberg Nature Reserve is perched above the northern suburbs with a perfect view of Table Mountain on the one side and the winelands on the other. This reserve mosaiced in the suburbs is a hot spot for interesting wildlife hence the trails are named after birds, mammals and reptiles. Ukhetshe trail in particular is a wonderful mix of tough and easy changing from steep to flat to downhill. Benches are littered throughout the reserve for viewing and picnics.

Tygerberg is a good example of how great Cape Town is with areas such as these to explore at a stones throw away from the buzzing business of the city. Catching-Up along Ukhetshe was an opportunity for professionals and students to catch-up, explore and occupy new spaces.


Even though Ukhetshe is a familiar hike we experience it in a different way by meeting new people, sharing stories, learning new lessons and growing. Exploring familiar places also helps us to reflect how far we have come since we were there, the different spaces we have occupied since Ukhetshe.

The pillars of Bantu Hikers are Wellness (encouraging active lifestyle through hiking and enjoy what nature has to offer), Networking (Interactions among professionals) and Mentorship (interactions and programmes between the professionals and students) and we hope that everyone who joins us is able to experience these elements and is able to contribute towards them in their way.

Bantu Hikers is what it is because of a community of people committed to making a difference. It was born from a need to establish networks among professionals as well as students in a way that fosters wellness using a different approach and it will continue to grow and thrive lead by that ethos.

As we enter youth month, we wish our students all the best with their upcoming June exams.

Bantu Hikers Students Avumile, Afikile, Amahle and Phakama

We look forward to #OccupyingSpaces with you


Duration: approx 3 hours for the Ukhetshe trail. Ideal trail running for the daring.

Bring: Hat (trail is exposed to all the elements), water

Perfect spot for a picnic after the hike.

Wheelchair friendly route available

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