Keeping On Track

The autumn sunrise at the foot of Table Mountain ushered in an exciting day ideal for hiking and Bantu Hikers were there to take advantage of it. As custom dictates, the Keeping On Track hikers began with conversations on current affairs and some impassioned debates while waiting for the rest of the group. Once everyone had convened it was lights, camera, laughter and hike!

The Pipe Track Trail is one of the picturesque trails in Cape Town with sights of the Atlantic Seaboard from beginning to end. You are also treated to towering rock faces which seem to change in colour as the sun rises, gorges and the unmistakable protea bushes. There are other interesting features along the trail such as caves and several detours for the more adventurous and those seeking rigorous exercise.

The day was concluded with a hearty afri-cuisine lunch at the Old Biscuit Mill, compliments of Pitso’s Kitchen. Steamed bread, beef trotters, chicken (hard body aka free-range), chakala, morogo, samp accompanied by gemmer (ginger beer) made for a delightful Bantu Hiker family network session meal.

We are constantly reminded with every encounter we have with new and seasoned Bantu Hikers of the wealth that is within and among us and how important it is that we harness that to make a difference. Friendships have been developed and partnerships forged, there is no limit to the number of spaces we can occupy and explore.

To all the new members of Bantu Hikers, WELCOME we are excited about occupying spaces with you. To those out of town Bantu Hikers, thank you for spending time with us while you are in Town, see you soon.

See you at the next hike folks!



Considerations: This is a easy hike but it is long. Set about 5 hours to complete the trail for a big group (10+ people).

Our canine friends are also popular on this trail

The trail is largely exposed so caps, sunscreen and water are must haves.

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