Minds Ready, Goals Set

In the past two weeks, Bantu Hikers ran workshops for the 2017 cohort. The workshops are aimed at equipping our students with the necessary soft skills that are not or insufficiently covered in the normal school curriculum such as writing a motivation letter and cv, presenting, branding, planning, time management and goal setting. One of the students shared that as part of Life Orientation they covered CV development however it was not as in-depth as it was covered in the workshop. Now they understand what information must be added in a CV and the reason behind it, how to structure it and to tailor make it according to a given purpose.


The first workshop was hosted at UCT and the second was hosted at Inkwekwezi Secondary School in Dunoon which was predominantly to assist students apply for university or any other institution that may allow them to acquire formal training, academic or vocational.


Bantu Hikers is fortunate to have built a relationship with Inkwenkwezi, a school that has dedicated teachers such as Ms Skosana, going beyond her call of duty. We recognise the work they put in. We also recognise that what the professionals have to offer the students is important and can not be offered in the classroom therefore the efforts by the professionals compliment that of the teachers. It is up to us to make a difference and to use what we know to do so. Each and everyone of us has something to offer it could be service, skill or even insight. The combined efforts of both the teachers and mentors outside of the classroom will nurture future leaders and inspire hope in those yet to walk the journey as young professionals and change agents.

We continue to #OccupySpaces, inside and outside the classroom.



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