La Familia hike in La Motte

La Familia Hike in La Motte

Franschhoek known for its picturesque landscape and wine estates was our playground on the 18th of March on our  third hike of the year. This is the second year exploring the hiking trail which proved to be one of the favourites, a clear sign that we would do it again. Hikes such as these have a special focus on the professionals networking over lunch and some wine tasting after the hike.

The hike at La Motte Estate was easy with a few steep hills which made for some welcome variety. The views are spectacular with a mosaic of vineyards bordered by rugged mountains, fertile ground for intense conversations covering a myraid of topics from history to agriculture and some comic relief which is a permanent feature among the Bantu Hikers.

Lunch and wine tasting was enjoyed at the Franschhoek Cellars. With a number of professionals staying longer than anticipated, a reflection of the fruitful conversations and interesting engagements.

We envisage a more structured networking programme for professionals within Bantu Hikers as we grow. We also look forward to meeting new faces. Whether one is in town for a weekend and would love to join or one would like to get more involved, Bantu Hikers welcomes you. See you at the next hike up Table Mountain.



Considerations: La Motte Hiking Trail R50pp (you get a map and 500ml bottled water

10 people permitted at a time

1.5hrs Hike easy to moderate

Hat, and sunscreen a must. The trail is exposed i.e limited shady spots

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