Heading Up the Lion

One of the events in the Bantu Hikers calender, ascending up Lion’s Head, took place on the 25th of Feb 2016. This hike was incredibly special because it was the first with our new student membership, the matric class of 2017. Ideal weather coupled with great energy made for a memorable hike. Our new recruits Afikile, Bonga, Khanyisa, Aviwe, Patricia and Avumile were surrounded by professionals with similar backgrounds to theirs, who were able to overcome their challenges and were keen to share their stories.


As we have come to appreciate that no two hikes are the same, even those undertaken along the same route, “Heading up Lions Head” was no different. Witnessing a rescue mission that involved a helicopter three quarters of the way up the mountain brought on a sober feeling of how careful one needs to be on the mountain.


Ascending Lions head felt especially difficult this time around as a few of the professionals admitted and this gave a more rewarding feeling of achievement. After a few moments of absorbing breathtaking views and capturing them in the many selfies and exotic poses, Bantu Hikers professionals began to share their journeys and advice to the students in a spontaneous and powerful moment of reflection.


One of the professionals emphasised how each student should remember that this is also their city, this is also their land and they should enjoy it, a profound realisation that the students carried  and reflected on even when we reached the foot of the mountain.

Aviwe, future social worker; Bonga, civil engineer in the making; Avumile, our future climatologist reflect on the advice given by the professionals.

Our Bantu Hikers Students have different personalities and interests and we encourage them to embrace that about themselves and to keep their dreams alive even when others may not understand.

Khanyisa is interested in Drama, Patricia is a aspirant mechanical engineer at heart with a creative streak, Sizo (BH Professional Marine Biologist), Afikilie is an aspiring Social Worker with a passion for singing gospel.

As we occupy spaces, spaces that we never thought we could occupy and spaces we could have been barred to explore, we endeavour to create a platform for younger versions of ourselves through Bantu Hikers Students to explore and occupy spaces that are beyond their wildest dreams.

Welcome Class of 2017 and welcome new members of Bantu Hikers.

Let us continue to #OccupySpaces







Difficulty: Moderate. Some parts are tricky and require some climbing (Do-able)

To Bring: Hat, sunscreen and water. The route is exposed to the elements.

With Lions Head becoming increasingly popular especially on those fine summer days, account for some delays.

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