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Meet the future professionals

Ready to take on the next phase. The matric class of 2016 is set and secure with their places confirmed at their desired institutions of study in 2017. They have all been accepted by institutions in the Western Cape, perfectly located to continue receiving mentorship support from the Bantu Hikers professionals.

Bantu Hikers Students with their gifts sponsored by Charletie Plaatjies.

If you were once a university student then you know that tuition, books, transport and food are not the only needs that have to be met even more so if you live away from home. Toiletries and the like are also important, something that we forget when we consider support for students in tertiary. One of our professionals sponsored our students with toiletries, something that is seemingly small but necessary. We thank you Charletie Plaatjies.

Upon receiving news of the spectacular results achieved by Bantu Hikers students Molefe Sekwele rewarded the best performer Lundi with an iphone. A welcome gift given that Lundi did not own a phone prior to to this. Molefe, we thank you.

Our Bantu Hikers Students will be calling the following institutions home for the next four years:

University of the Western Cape 

Phakama – Nursing

Amahle – Chemical Science

Stellenbosch University

Sinethemba – Electrical Engineering

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Lwando – Electrical Engineering

University of Cape Town

Lundi – Engineering


Watch out South Africa, the Bantu Hikers students are #OccupyingSpaces


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