Waiting in anticipation

As we await the Matric Results for government schools, we look back at the journey that our Bantu Hikers Students have traversed. In their account, we can see that their journey has not been easy yet they have persevered with a goal in mind, to do well and to enter the gates of higher education in order to realise their dreams. In August we celebrated our young ladies during Womens month , now we will celebrate our young men as we reflect on 2016.

Snethemba, Lundi and Lwando

This is what Lwando, Lundi and Snethemba had to say:

Dear Mpho and your members

This was the first time I hiked in my life. I just see people on the TV hiking and thought it’s fun and sometimes great to celebrate and go for tours. Some games in life are not for entertainment only, there is always a theme behind, and to convey a message but we don’t consider them. My teacher once said “in life you must use every opportunity you get, even if it’s small there is a benefit”

Hiking is like a matric the only difference is that matric comes once in a life time. The moment you start hiking is the moment you start your matric. Looking to the mountain you are climbing, it looks as if you will never reach the peak that is matric. It might seem as if you are not going to pass matric. The steepness of the mountain is the pressure we get as grade12 learners making us to lose hope a sometimes want to quit. We sweat as we climb.

With all dedication and hardwork we can make it through and succeed with flying colours just as we climbed the mountain.

The Challenges

There are challenges that I’m facing as a matric learner and some takes longer to solve or overcome

  1. Lack of computer skills
  2. Delaying in doing my assignments
  3. Language skills
  4. Shy

My mentor at school is Mrs Nomfula and she has helped me in looking and applying for bursaries. My other subject teacher helped with my applications at universities.

I am looking forward to gaining a lot from you guys.


Lundi Yekelo

Lundi Yekelo.jpg
Mpho with Lundi on the Elephant’s Eye Hike


I have experienced a lot of things in life, but hiking was never one of those things. At first I thought that hiking was just for having fun and I wasn’t aware that a lot can be learned from a hike. I also considered hiking as a boring hobby and I never thought that I would ever gain interest in it.

It was the first day ever in my life to go hiking, but that first day then became the best day. I enjoyed the long hike that we had and from that hike I got motivated and was given advice of what to do when choosing a career. At first I thought I could never reach the peak, but when I reached the top, I then realised that it was not difficult as I thought.

The hiking experience had a good impact because after the hike I learnt that although matric seemed difficult, I can make it to the end and that has helped me to be able to cope with the pressure and the work done at school. I also learnt that a good view is only enjoyed after the hardest climb and I believe that from working hard I could also be able to live the good life.

There are a lot of challenges that I am experiencing, and some of these challenges can affect my progress as a matriculant. I lack computer skills due to less access to computers as well as internet. Lacking of access to computer and internet leads to the delay of doing research and submitting assignments. I have only applied at only two institutions and this is because of financial difficulties. I also have challenges on bursary applications, I struggle in finding bursary application forms and some bursaries that I know of have already reached closing dates.

I could benefit a lot from having a mentor, because at the moment I feel as if I’m lost and I need someone that will guide and show me the right direction. I expect someone who can be able to help with the challenges that I’m having at the moment.

Lwando Baba

Lwando, Phakama, Phiwe, Amahle and Snethemba

Dear Bantu Hikers

I have had many experiences but hiking was never one of them. I consider hiking of importance such as sport. I had seen many people in television doing hiking and I’ve gained interest. I’ve always wanted to involve myself in such challenging activities, Bantu hikers did that for me by being chosen as part of the top 5. Being chosen as part of top 5 was my first lesson, I learnt in life to reach your goals and dreams you must work hard.

Hiking is like a matric, the only difference is that matric come once in a life times. When you start hiking and you see that other people are already at the peak, you begin doubting that you’ll make it where they already are. That’s how it feels when doing matric. During the hiking I was motivated when socializing with successful people and I was given advice on what to do when choosing a career. That’s only then I began to see which career I fit in. When we reached elephants eye I was inspired by Mpho when she said “It always seems impossible until its done”

My Challenges

As a matriculant I’m supposed to be preparing for next year but there are obstacles that could be of disturbance to my studies and prevent me from being exposed to different opportunities.

  1. Lack of computer skills
  2. Lack of access to internet
  3. Both 1 and 2 cause delay to completion of assignments
  4. I have only applied to two institutions due to financial difficulties
  5. Language skills

I would love to have a mentor that is in the field that I’m interested in which is Electrical Engineering so that I could be more exposed to this career and have a role model that is where I want to be.

Since I’m planning to be cooperative, I look forward to gaining more and giving our more in return.


Sinethemba Gwadiso


We have all the faith in our students performance. Even though their matric year has been the focus, Bantu Hikers will keep supporting the Class of 2016 in 2017 in their first year of higher education to aid in their transition, a critical time in their development.

Bantu Hikers is grateful for the response received in 2016 from friends and friends of friends joining the Bantu Hiker Family to donations and time given to the cause. WE THANK YOU BANTU HIKERS PROFESSIONALS! We have a calendar of our activities in 2017 which we will share so that everyone can plan when you can join on the hikes and where else you can contribute to the organisation.

In 2017 we occupy new spaces. We are ready!

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