Silvermine Bundu Bash

Bantu Hikers concluded the year with a hike at the Silvermine Nature Reserve followed by lunch with the Professionals at the Steenberg Wine Estate on the third of December. The final hike for the year proved to be an adventurous one, Steenberg Peak was the envisaged destination but the path taken lead us to uncharted territory.


Two Bantu Hikers groups explored the reserve with the aim of meeting at the peak. Bundu bashing was the order of the day as we traversed along a path that was seemingly underutilized, little did we know it was leading us to a river and diverting us away form the path towards Steenberg Peak. Team work and group morale saved the day when we found ourselves contending against the heat, prickly bushes and an uncertain path. The mannequin challenge was performed in the middle of the reserve with no end or beginning in sight and this is testament to the fun nature and optimism of Bantu Hikers.

The second Bantu Hikers group managed to reach the peak regardless of missing the path here and there. In the true spirit of the group they also performed the mannequin challenge.


The hike proved to be fun and challenging testing our resolve to work together and trust in those who lead us even when we lose our way.

The lunch was a great networking opportunity and a reminder of what Bantu Hikers is about. It has been a profound year for the group, growing in leaps and bounds from what began as a networking platform has blossomed to focus on supporting young people through mentorship while hiking and occupying uncharted spaces.


Occupying Spaces

Heads Up:

  • Silvermine has terrible signal make sure you have relayed all the information to each other before you get there if possible.
  • Silvermine Nature Reserve has many trails to choose from from easy to challenging. Steenberg Peak however is moderate (according to Bantu Hikers).
  • Take a map. Please take a map (The foot paths and signage is not straight forward… trust!)

2017… We await more adventures.



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