Ascending Ukhetshe

Ascending Ukhetshe, one of the popular hiking trails at the Tygerberg Nature Reserve, we were pleasantly welcomed by the iconic table mountain in full view. Ukhetshe which means hawk in isiXhosa was named after the many birds of prey that could be sighted on this path and Ukhetshe did not disappoint. A Jackal Buzzard was spotted, leaving many of us in awe, guessing what it was.


We welcomed more new faces on this hike with a group of people forty strong, Tygerberg Nature Reserve was sufficiently occupied on a chilly November morning. We celebrate the growing diversity in the group with our youngest member Nokukhanya of 9 months.


Bantu Hikers has captured many spaces around Cape Town and surrounding areas over the last year. What began as a shared hobby and curiosity among friends has grown into a network, an organisation making a difference in the community and a home for those yearning to share the outdoors . We can only hope that Bantu Hikers continues to occupy many hearts when we enter the new year.

We wish our student Bantu Hikers all the best for their Matric exams. We believe in your ability, determination and hard work!


Occupying Spaces

Hike Overview

Entry: Damage is R15 for adults (There is a wheelchair friendly trail. This is a big plus!

Hike Intensity: The website says easy to moderate but for a novice we rate it moderate to hard just based on the steep hills.

Distance: The total distance of the hike was a comfortable 5700m. Hike up Ukhetshe then hike down Honey Badger leading onto Watsonia trail.  Long enough to make you feel like a good work without making you feel paralysed the next day.

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