Queens LEAD…

Amahle is confident and expresses her ideas with intent. She knows her gifts and limitations and isn’t afraid to share this with others. Like many others she realises that she will be the first in her family to receive tertiary education. She knows that her place is to lead and lead she must. Her circumstances do not leave her with a choice but to rise above and be the change she wants to see. Amahle has begun on this path to lead from taking care of her siblings to the well being of her peers in school. South Africa’s future is in good hands being lead by such queens. This is Amahale’s story in her own words.

“My name is Amahle Tyalashe. I live in Joe Slovo Park in Milnerton, although I am a student at a Inkwenkwezi Secondary School in Dunoon. I am currently doing grade 12 this year. I come from a family of uneducated people with hopes that the young generation will make them proud one day. I live with my mother, two brothers, elder sister with her son.
As I am the only girl from my parents, I never intend to disappoint them, especially my mother. So far I have seen certain skills and talents that are within me, which I never knew before. I have been into leadership for two years which is the Representative Council of Learners. I am also part of a mentoring program called Dream girls International Outreach and Mentoring Programme. My future plans are to study further and get into tertiary. Getting university would be a dream coming true, as I will be the first female in my whole entire family to get there.
The course that I aim to pursue in tertiary is Chemical Science. The reason for me to consider this course is because I am so determined about chemistry, I enjoy the laboratory work. Being in this field will give me the opportunity to experiment my curiosity on how things are derived. I can also be able to form new medical products that will assist in the health of people lives and improve health sector. What I like about this course is that it’s broad, can also get into careers such as chemists and chemical engineer. Especially if I finish up the whole course. My second choice is doing pharmacy which is more related to the above course. My third choice is being a hydrologist and assist in availability and quality of water available to all settlements. I still have the fear of making the wrong career choice but before all that I aim to pass my matric with flying colours filled with distinctions. That will be my key to opening all the doors to success.
I am aware that chemistry is not just a walk in the park. It is all about dedication and putting more effort. Getting access to job shadowing in the above career paths would help me a lot. This is where I will observe whether my passion really lies on them or not. I will get the opportunity to observe the main activities that are done. Seeing things in reality boost up understanding and helps in making the right career choice. This is where I will get to see whether my strength will really assist me in the field. I will also be able to observe where to improve and what else have I not yet done my research on.
I believe in order to be successful you don’t wait for things to come to you, you wake up and look for success on your own.”

Sizo, Phakama, AMAHLE, Phiwe, Bonolo



As Womens Month draws to a close we are reminded that women have agency to determine their path no matter how young or old and no matter where they are. Bantu Hikers learners have inspired us through their stories of triumph and hope. We are led by them as much as they are led by us as we occupy unfamiliar spaces.

It all starts with one step.


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