Lights, camera, Lions Head!

As one of the most scenic places in Cape Town, rewarding you with 360 degree views of the City, Table Mountain, picturesque beaches and Signal Hill, Lions Head was the perfect place to celebrate Bantu Hikers turning one!

We have all learned that no hike should be missed on account of weather, especially in Cape Town. The joy that comes with hiking, comes from resisting your warm bed and getting out there. On Saturday, no mist was thick enough to hold us back. Our students, who had an earlier start than most are testament to that.

Bantu Hikers looking fresh and excited about the hike. Little did they know that the dreaded Lions Head chains were coming…

The hike began with a brief on why the 13th of August was significant to Bantu Hikers. In the last year, Bantu Hikers has established itself to be a platform for networking among professionals and mentoring matric students. On this particular hike we could see the impact of a seemingly small group in a young persons life. Lukhanyo Mdludlu, a Bantu Hikers student from 2015 and now a first year student at the University of the Western Cape, joined us on the hike. He shared his experience with the current student cohort and lead them to the summit of the Lions Head. We also welcomed a new student Amahle. The coming of age brings with it growth and from August, Bantu Hikers is officially a registered NPO. This means that a formal structure to the group will encourage more support and expand its reach to assist more students. Word about Bantu Hikers also reached the media. eTV joined us on the birthday hike to get a taste of what Bantu Hikers is about.



Lion’s Head is a fond friend of sorts for Bantu Hikers. It is familiar yet unfamiliar because no matter how much you climb it, it just feels different every time. The steep ascent initiates you to the mountain while distracting you with breathtaking views. While Lions Head towers over you in dramatic granite fashion on the one side, Table Mountain seems like the gentle cousin in the distance.

View form Lions Head: A part of Table Mountain is illuminated as light breaks through the thick blanket of clouds.

The familiar Lions Head path was taken with new and old friends, seasoned and novice hikers all immersed in conversation and laughter.


Taking it easy. The aim is not to rush.

The students lead most of the hike, making the seasoned hikers question their fitness. The vigour of youth can never be underestimated as they have proven.

There was always time to take a snap or just taking in all the scenery.

Chains vs the “scenic route”? The choice for the latter option had nothing to do with the fear of heights… just saying.

The Summit! Sunny Skies.

The summit after 10 min! Seriously!


The show must go and as well as the interview. The eTV team were great. And the Bantus just had to give them back up. One camera was not enough, four cameras were going to do the job.

It has been an amazing year let’s make the second a spectacular year.

It starts with one step.

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