Walk with a queen…

In the month of August we celebrate our young stars who are on their way to success. Every interaction with them is an invaluable experience. There is no teacher or student amongst us because at some point the one becomes the other. How the young Bantu Hikers articulate their thoughts and lessons they have learnt along the way, schools each and every one of us. The voice of our young queen, Phiwe Jubase speaks as we walk with her up Elephants Eye.

“First of all, I want to say thank you to you Bantu hikers, for the experience that I had with you. I was so inspired seeing you young as you are telling me stories and challenges that you experience. Being with you guys proved to me that it all looks impossible until you do it.
My average percentage of my marks has dropped by 6%, I do not want to lie I really need your mentorship. I am doing my best to get at least average percentage of 75%.
You are young and living the life that I am still imagining which means it is possible to me too. Climbing on Elephants Eye taught me that we can all do it. It does not come by miracles.
Hard work pays off. You have motivated me a lot. It’s like you did it all by miracles but you also said that education is the golden key that opens all the doors. I really appreciate the time you spend with me because I have gained a lot.
You are amazing and young as I am which means I can do it. I have learned that nothing is impossible in this world as long as you are working hard on being educated and put other things aside because you also said that a great life comes after you have worked hard.
I believe you can do more. I will make sure that I put my books in front so that I can live a happy life and also motivate others as you guys are doing.”

Phiwe Jubase

It starts with one step…

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