I spy with my Elephants Eye

A rather icy morning in Cape Town was not enough to deter the BANTUS on the 21st of May. Silvermine was the destination and people came in their numbers to see what the fuss was all about, come chill or shine.

While the early birds jogged on the spot trying to keep warm, waiting patiently for the group to coalesce, laughter and warm hugs from friendly bodies seemed to do the trick for the rest. The buzz filled the air with anticipation of a momentous occasion in the Bantu Hikers calender,  we were celebrating the five top learners from Inkwenkwezi High School. We were celebrating our own in the natural beauty of our playground, the mountains.

In true Bantu fashion what began with an assurance of a very easy hike turned into a comical protest of the true ease or lack there of, mid-way up the mountain. Hiking never fails to bring the realization to each of us that we are capable of achieving more than we even set out for ourselves. We can only hope that this will ring true for Lwanda Baba, Phakama Kayingana, Lundi Yekelo, Phiwe Jubase and Sinethemba Gwadiso.

The professional cohort of Bantus has traversed a similar road as the younger Bantus. We wish that in this familiarity the young and seasoned connect and learn from each other. The young Bantus are an embodiment of Ubuntu, shy in their demeanor but ambitious in their outlook, they share their hopes of the future careers which are centered around solving the problems of their communities. One of the learners opened up about the challenges they face with frequent power outages that make it difficult for them to study for their exams, relying soley on candle light. Since he has an affinity for maths and science, this has spurred him on to study electrical engineering.

As we walk the path up to Elephants Eye, a cave overlooking the expanse from Tokai  to False Bay, with new found friends, an appreciation settles upon our consciousness that having others helps us embark on a task that seemed impossible.

A new perspective can change your world.

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